Fitness Group Myths

Since starting my health and fitness group a few months ago, there are a few common misconceptions that come up in conversations. If you have any interest in joining, this can help clear those up for you!

MYTH #1: The workouts are too challenging. There are many programs available for all fitness levels…low impact, prenatal/postpartum, high intensity, etc. Modifications are included and I often use them myself. There’s truly something for everyone! 

MYTH #2: You have to go “all in.” There are calendars available for you to follow if you like structure, but it’s totally up to you how much you commit to each week. There is so much flexibility… you do what feels right for you.

MYTH #3: It’s too expensive. The average package comes down to about $13/month. I’m not sure you can find anything that cheap with so much included (workouts + nutrition + support). 

MYTH #4: You have to follow a nutrition plan. There are two amazing plans available to you when you join. These are options for you, but you can also start with small diet changes. It all depends on your goals and what works best for you.

MYTH #5: You need a dedicated workout space. I absolutely love our gym space we recently created, but you don’t need anything special. I’ve done many workouts in the living room, in the playroom and in a small section of the garage. You can do them anywhere… even in a gym setting if you like!

MYTH #6: You have to workout at the same time as others. The workouts can all be done on your own time! It’s basically set up like Netflix, so you press play whenever you’re ready. 

If you have any other questions, I’m an open book and would love to talk through any questions you have! You can email me at

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