Jacob is One!

Happy first birthday to my wild, messy, strong-willed, hilarious, affectionate and perfect baby boy! It has been a year full of learning, laughing and loving harder than I ever knew was possible. I hope you always feel as wrapped up in love as you have the first year of your life.

Jacob as a newborn

One Month

Jacob at one month old
  • You loved being snuggled.
  • You didn’t like tummy time.
  • We’ll never forget your first bath- you loved it!

Two Months

Jacob at 2 months
  • You loved white Christmas lights and singing (“You are My Sunshine”).
  • You didn’t like tummy time.
  • We’ll never forget your first gummy smiles.

Three Months

Jacob at 3 months
  • You loved playing on your activity mat and bath time.
  • You didn’t like tummy time.
  • We’ll never forget when you first rolled over.

Four Months

Jacob at 4 months old
  • You loved your bouncer.
  • You didn’t like being on your tummy for long.
  • We’ll never forget your smiles and giggles.

Five Months

Jacob at 5 months
  • You loved daily walks during the 2020 quarantine.
  • You didn’t like being alone… but you never were!
  • We’ll never forget when you decided to sleep on your tummy.

Six Months

Jacob at 6 months old
  • You loved kisses and moving everywhere!
  • You didn’t like naps and carrots.
  • We’ll never forget the way you slammed your feet down when you were ready to get out of bed and the way your face lit up every single time you looked at us.

Seven Months

Jacob at 7 months
  • You loved your splash pool.
  • You didn’t like teething and naps.
  • We’ll never forget your first hugs with Mimi & Grammy after 2 months of quarantine, the dinosaur sounds you made when you woke up, and watching you sit up on your own.

Eight Months

Jacob at 8 months
  • You loved your walker and interrupting Dad’s work meetings.
  • You didn’t like sweet potato.
  • We’ll never forget the first time you crawled and how you had a greeting party after every nap.

Nine Months

Jacob at 9 months
  • You loved laying in Mom & Dad’s bed, giving open mouth kisses, and playing with your cousins.
  • You didn’t like macaroni & cheese.
  • We’ll never forget how you talked to us (everything was “ba, ba, ba”), trying to wrestle you to get you dressed, how much stuff we had to pack for the beach, and middle of the night snuggles.

Ten Months

Jacob at 10 months old
  • You loved playing, pulling up on everything, and talking (“Mama” is your favorite word).
  • You didn’t like Mommy leaving the room.
  • We’ll never forget your first beach trip to Myrtle in the middle of a pandemic.

Eleven Months

Jacob at 11 months
  • You loved opening the flaps to the Dinosaur book, playing with Tupperware in the kitchen and walks.
  • You didn’t like naps.
  • We’ll never forget how fast you could crawl towards dangerous things.

12 Months

Jacob at 12 months old
  • You loved pumpkins, snuggling between Mom & Dad and your new playroom.
  • You didn’t like diaper and outfit changes.
  • We’ll never forget all of the talking you did… you said “monkey” all the time and lots of adorable things we couldn’t understand.

We love you to the moon and stars!

Jacob, Joey and Lindsey newborn photo

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