Sick Baby & COVID Times

Well, we made it a whole year. We knew our little one would get sick at some point and I guess we are lucky that we made it this far. But a baby with a fever & vomiting isn’t fun… especially in the middle of a pandemic. 

We have been very careful these past 8 months. We see family, go to empty parks and attend our outdoor Kindermusik class once/week… that’s pretty much it. We are lucky that Jacob is at an age where we can mostly keep him in a safe bubble… I know that gets more challenging with age. We’ve only been comfortable around one other family and that’s who we just spent our weekend with in the mountains. 

Like most people, many things in our life have changed from this pandemic. I think everyone has to find their balance and we have probably been more careful than most as new parents. For example, we have big families and I planned two separate first birthday parties to be outdoors. I cancelled them both because it was a rainy weekend and I’m not comfortable with a lot of people crowding inside.

So of course we worried when Jacob woke up with a fever on Sunday and threw up at breakfast. I was not only concerned about my baby, but also that we had possibly exposed another family to something. They have all been perfectly healthy- thank goodness! 

Jacob asleep in his carseat.
He slept for most of the 3 hour drive home from the mountains.

His fever got worse throughout the morning and he threw up again at lunch. That was when we got scared and took him to Urgent Care. Obviously I would have rather seen his doctor, but I wasn’t waiting until Monday. 

Lindsey holding Jacob at Urgent Care as he snuggles Mickey Mouse.
Poor baby… loves his Mickey.

We got checked in with only one person ahead of us. Jacob was absolutely miserable and didn’t even look like himself. Only one parent could go back and it was not fun trying to console him. They did a COVID test just to be sure, which I fully supported after spending a weekend with another family. FYI the nose swab is very gentle and easy for babies… nothing like what it is for adults. That was a relief! However, it wasn’t a rapid test and we had to wait until Wednesday afternoon for the results via text message (negative). 

 The nurses were wonderful and the doctor was nice… but busy. She took a look in each ear twice, told me it was an ear infection and left. I was frantically asking her questions on her way out the door… I know that’s the typical urgent care experience but I think any worried parent holding their sick one year old would like a little more attention. 

We picked up amoxicillin at the pharmacy next door and gave him his first dose Sunday night. He didn’t throw up again and we managed his fever by rotating infant Tylenol and Motrin (as recommended) on Monday. He did ok until the evening… the medicine upset his stomach and he was up for hours.

 He continued to have tummy troubles all morning and then threw up a massive amount around noon. I was initiated into a new level of motherhood with that vomit… covered head to toe. Thank goodness Joey was home and didn’t have a meeting at the moment because we both required immediate cleaning. 

His fever was also back so we called the pediatrician and they got us in within a few hours. The doctor said his ears were just a little red and to stop the amoxicillin. She diagnosed him with a stomach bug and said he’d be feeling better in a few days. I felt so much better after this visit. I’m so grateful for all of the healthcare workers out there. They really are the heroes of 2020… and every day. 

Jacob playing with his toy in the doctor's office.
Trying to entertain him while we waited.
Infant tylenol, infant motrin, thermometer and a glass of wine on the counter
I absolutely ended Tuesday with a glass of wine.

Jacob had a great night on Tuesday and he’s been fever free with no throw up or upset tummy. He has been super snuggly these past few days and I guess that’s the one perk of your little one getting sick. 

Jacob snuggled up with Lindsey watching cartoons.

Hopefully this is it for any illness around here for awhile. Jacob got his flu shot (booster is in a few weeks) and I got mine a couple weeks ago. (Side note- get it for free at Publix with an instant $10 gift card). We will continue with lots of hand washing and precautions around here.

I share all of this in hopes that it can help some worried mama out there, especially if you don’t know what to expect with a COVID test and babies. There’s just a little comfort in hearing from another mom when you haven’t been through it before.

I’m so happy to have our wild little man back to normal. Wishing you and your family a healthy season ahead! 

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