Jacob’s 1st Birthday Party

The first birthday is such a special milestone… one I never really understood until we experienced it. The transformation from newborn to 12 months is incredible… for both babies and their parents. I was emotional for an entire week and am still devastated that my baby is now considered a toddler.

Joey, Lindsey and Jacob about to leave the hospital. Jacob is buckled up in his carseat.
Leaving the hospital… wishing we could take the nurse with us!

I would have loved more than anything to have all of our family and closest friends together to celebrate Jacob, but pandemics kind of get in the way of that. At least for us they do.

Jacob as a newborn laying with Bentley.
One of my favorite pictures from the first few weeks.

So we responsibly planned to have two separate outdoor parties. And then it rained the entire weekend of October 10th.

We celebrated with the grandparents that weekend instead and rescheduled to the one open date we had left in October with my family. Naturally, the forecast was 100% rain. 2020 really keeps you on your toes. So we changed the date again and were able to get most of my family over here to party in the sunshine (and then somehow made it on time to get family pictures taken).

Outdoor party decorations... pumpkins on a hay stack, a birthday board, and the high chair with a pumpkin banner
We kept decorations simple…all the pumpkins!

It made my heart so happy to have most of my family here to sing happy birthday and celebrate Jacob. He loves a party and truly had a blast! It was a low key gathering and exactly what we wanted… BBQ, cupcakes, beautiful weather and lots of laughter. We are blessed to have so many people in our lives that love our baby.

The first year picture banner and the chatbooks photo albums on the coffee table.
The first year banner and our Chatbooks.

Here are a few pictures I will hold close to my heart forever of our baby boy turning one…

Jacob eating a sprinkle cupcake on his birthday.
Eating a sprinkle cupcake… his first taste of sugar on his actual birthday.
Proud parents
Jacob upset while opening presents.
Having a true toddler moment while opening his presents from Mom & Dad! LOL
Jacob sitting on the patio next to the pumpkins
My little pumpkin.
Jacob smiling with Mimi & Papa by his highchair outside.
Celebrating with Mimi & Papa.
A very happy Jacob playing with his gifts on the floor with Grammy & Grampy.
Opening presents with Grammy & Grampy.
Jacob with a big smile and his hands in the air as he eats his cake.
Party day- he loves confetti cake as much as his parents do!
Lindsey and Joey next to Jacob as he rides in his car in the backyard.
A major highlight of the day for him was riding around in here.
Grammy and Jacob as he smiles in his car.
Giving a sweet smile with Grammy.
Lindsey with Jacob as he smiles big in his car.
Pure joy!
Joey and Lindsey opening gifts with Jacob. He is smiling with his new stuffed animal lion.
I’d like the stage of him kissing stuffed animals to never go away.
Joey and Lindsey standing next to Jacob's high chair as he eats cake.

Thanks to everyone for your sweet first birthday wishes for Jacob! We can’t wait to see how much he grows and changes over this next year.

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