Toddler Update 1

Jacob will forever be my baby. I was not prepared for the quick transition of a first birthday making him a toddler. I guess it makes sense though because the second he turned one toddlerhood came in hot. It is equally heartwarming and exhausting. 

 There are so many things about this age that make my heart burst. Like when I walk in the room and he squeals with joy, when we read and he gives me the biggest kisses, the way he snuggles up next to me when he’s sleepy, his excitement as he practices walking with a giant smile on his face and when he reaches for my hand. 

Jacob and Lindsey family photo outside. He is nuzzled up smiling as she looks towards him.

13 months is also a lot and I know we’ve barely scraped the surface of what’s to come. He has always been strong-willed and that has certainly reached new levels. “Rough and tumble” is putting it lightly. You truly can’t turn around for a second and that is even more apparent now that he’s walking. When he doesn’t get his way, he will absolutely let you know how he feels about it. Meals are a disaster… the floors, the walls & his outfit. You can also file naps under disaster. Simple tasks like taking him into the pantry to grab a snack end with the salt emptied all over the floor. Basically he is an adorable and emotional tornado. 

Jacob throwing a tantrum while Lindsey holds peanut m&ms
Accepting peanut M&M donations to support me through the rest of the toddler years.

Recently I realized how many things I say to him on a daily basis that are the exact same things one might say to their dog. Except for our Bentley bear of course, because he was a perfect angel. If you have ever had kids, I’m sure some of these same phrases came out of your mouth at some point. And if not, feel free to tell me what I’m doing wrong.

No biting! Babies love to explore things with their mouth and lately he has been using his chomps more than I’d like. Jacob pretty much has a full set of teeth so this does not feel good when he decides to randomly (and innocently) bite you. I’ve said my thanks that I gave up nursing many months before those things came in. 

Only the lower teeth pictured here… full smile coming on our Christmas card.

Gentle! Everything is rough. He likes to throw all the things, bang on all the things and pull all the hair. We’re working on it. 

Jacob throwing his alphabet letters.
The only thing he throws that won’t cause harm.

Get down! This one is new for us and quite terrifying. A couple days ago he started climbing… the ottoman, the pack n play and even the window!

Jacob smirking on the ottoman.
Blurry because he is on the move, but feeling very pleased with his new skill.

Do you want to go for a walk?! We love our daily walks and whenever it’s time to get out for some fresh air I find myself saying this. It’s exactly what I used to say to Bentley. Jacob doesn’t respond with the level of excitement that Bentley did, but he does love them. 

Jacob smiling in the stroller.
The best time of day!

Drop it! Again, everything goes into the mouth all the time. And just when you think you’ve baby proofed everything in the playroom, he eats a book. 

Jacob eating a book.
Taking a bite out of his new book.
Jacob in the sandbox with a shovel in his mouth.
So far we only eat or throw sand.

Come here! This one is new because of all the walking he’s doing. I’m constantly asking him to “come to Mommy” because watching him take wobbly steps with a big grin on his face is the best thing I’ve ever seen. 

Jacob walking with a big smile on his face.
On the move!

Every day is a messy and wild adventure, but they are always filled with the sweetest moments. I know to soak it all up because this time will go by so quickly.

Jacob smiling big with Daddy reading in bed.
Working us at bed time… but so cute!

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