Unpopular Opinions

Today I am bringing you my unpopular mom opinions. I may only have a year under my belt, but these are some things I feel pretty strongly about…

Moms on Call is trash– Yep, I said it. I tried to phrase that more gently, but couldn’t. I bought that book in the midst of me stressing over whether or not I was doing everything right as a new mom. For whatever reason, this book seems to have a cult following and everyone talks about it on social media. The only parts that were worthy were about medical stuff. But when you’re actually worried about your baby you A. call the doctor, B. call your mom or C. refer to Google. There is no D because no one goes to their book shelf. This book was just not it for me. If my baby wants his Mama in the middle of the night that’s what he’s going to get. Babies are not one size fits all. I do not believe that a book can tell you how to Mom.

Jacob smiling in bed with Joey
We have no rules over here.

Formula is amazing– It seems to finally be more acceptable for a mom to choose formula, but there are plenty of people out there still pushing the “breast is best” agenda. I nursed Jacob when I could, but primarily pumped. Pumping was literally the worst part of becoming a new mom for me. Connecting to a machine every 3-5 hours for 6 months was a lot. I also supplemented with formula ever since we were in the hospital. When his glucose dipped, I absolutely said give him the formula! When I transitioned him to all formula at 6 months, it was the best decision. Jacob was happy and I was happy.

The pump
I hope we never meet again.

Screen Time is Fine– Obviously, there are limits to this. But seriously it’s not that big of a deal. Screens are mostly background noise around here. Jacob has no interest in anything at all besides the awful song that plays on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Baby Bum (this one will stop him in his tracks & he’s obsessed). We only turn it on in the evenings when he gets really fussy, but I don’t carry guilt about it.

Newborns are the Easiest Stage– Yes, I was exhausted and feeding him nonstop. But when I needed a second to shower or use the bathroom or change my clothes or brush my teeth or drink some coffee, I could place him down safely in some sort of seat. There is no boppy for toddlers. You literally can’t do anything.

Jacob cozied up in his bouncer

Diets are Not Worth Stressing Over– Yea, don’t come to me for beautiful toddler meal ideas. Like everything else, babies are just different about what they like. I was super picky when I was younger, but Joey ate everything. For now, Jacob falls somewhere in the middle. When he throws more food on the floor than he eats, I don’t stress.

Jacob smiling in his highchair about all the food he threw on the floor

Babywearing Isn’t Fun– We got multiple carriers before Jacob was born. I wanted to be that mom that wore my baby around. But honestly, getting those things to work perfectly is hard! One of our carriers required me to watch several youtube videos and I think I got it right like twice. Even when I got him in there I couldn’t do anything… fold laundry, cook, vacuum. He also only liked it for about 10 minutes and I just never saw the point of it. The other carrier was far too big until Jacob got older. I guess if we got out more or if I had multiples it might be different, but I just held him.

That one time I did it right.

Part of parenthood is just figuring out what works best for you, your baby, and your family. Just because it’s popular, written in a book, or plastered on social media, it doesn’t mean it’s the only way. Babies are unique little beings!

What’s your unpopular opinion?! (Baby related or not!)

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