Hey friends! I wanted to check in today after taking a little break. Something I’m learning in my thirties is the importance of taking breaks. I am honestly just not very good at doing it. Here are a few examples…

*Half marathon training- My half marathon goal for 2017 & 2018 was just don’t stop. So for every training run, I applied that same mindset. I told myself that the run didn’t count if I ever stopped to take a break. I made it through all my runs and both half marathons without stopping because the mind is a pretty powerful thing, but why did I put so much pressure on myself to do that? Setting out for a 13 mile run (or any run) is an amazing thing- it’s ok if it’s not perfect.

Lindsey after running 9 miles
9 mile training run in 2018

*Work- In my 12 years working in education, I probably took a total of 3 days off that weren’t sick days. I never took a break- ever. Even when I went back to work with a 3 month old, I never gave myself permission to take a day. I thought that it was unacceptable to do that when I had already been gone for 3 months. So when I had literal sleepless nights, I still showed up the next day. It would have been ok to give myself a break and take the needed mental health day(s).

When my mom knew I was almost at my breaking point with work & grad school so she brought me cookies & coffee at work.

*Down time- I can’t handle not being productive. I run from one task to the next and I’ve always been that way. Do not get in my way when I’m on a cleaning frenzy. From the second I wake up until I go to bed I’m usually checking something off a to-do list. I’m sure many people can relate to that. It’s ok to take a minute to breathe and stop doing all the things.

Needing a break does not make you weak, it makes you human. Maybe you need a break from cleaning (the house will be fine), a break from cooking (food delivery has served us well this year), a mental health day from work (it will be ok), a break from working out (your body needs rest), a break from your kids (this does not make you a bad parent), a break from social media (you really aren’t missing out), a break from the news (it will still be depressing when you come back), a break from dieting (eat that holiday treat & enjoy it) or a break from being productive 24/7 (snuggle up to that book or Hallmark Christmas movie). It’s much easier said than done, but take the break you need and give yourself a break for taking it!

Lindsey's slippers on the ottoman and a glass of red wine
I’m planning on a short break from adulting on this Friday night that looks like this.

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